John BERRY BICYCLE TRIP 2015 Blog Instalment #3: June 4th, 2015   By the time I had seen Warsaw I was more than a week behind schedule, so I decided to take the train to NE Poland in order to catch up. My destination of choice was Bialystok or somewhere just beyond it. My attempts… Continue reading Bicycle-Tour-2015-3

Bicycle-Tour-2014-2: Oranienburg-to-Bratislava

Saturday, June 7th, Bratislava, Slovakia.  Edited, Monday 4th August 2014 Hot summer weather has finally arrived in Central Europe in the last two days, just about the time that I arrived at the River Danube/Donau/Dune, which is schoen indeed, but not blue by any means. I realize (i.e. many of you have let me know)… Continue reading Bicycle-Tour-2014-2: Oranienburg-to-Bratislava