I knew six months ago that a substantial percentage of Trump supporters would hide their true views from the pollsters: this has come true – a 5% Clinton lead has evaporated not so magically. I’m going to bed – I think the race is over and civilization, decency, and honesty have lost.

I guess we we’re going to get President Trump, a Republican Senate, House of Representatives, and Supreme Court (the latter for the next 50 years). I foresee yet more extreme gerrymandering, so that my vote won’t count for the rest of my life. We’ll see more restrictions on voting, we’ll see one minority after another selected for victimization, deportations rising from half a million a year to two or three million a year, and we’ll have a very unstable person with his finger hovering over the red button. The next election is almost certain to be a farce: people who accuse others of rigging elections are almost certain to rig elections themselves when they achieve power. Yes, the USA has achieved Big Banana Republic status: mark this night as the beginning of the end of civilization.

ISIS, the Ayatollahs, Erdogan and Putin will be exultant with this result, as the USA will have lost all credibility. We will have a President who admires Vladimir Putin, who is in agreement with Putin’s policy aims, and who whole-heartedly endorses his means of ensuring a cowed and afraid domestic population. In this he will have the backing of a large part of the industrial and financial bosses of the country, as well as of part of the FBI and a large part of the police forces. I knew that we would have angry armed vigilantes going around attacking liberals and non-whites if Clinton won: I suspect now that we will have them anyway, but with the tacit approval of the President of the United States, and probably the active encouragement of a fairly large group of FBI agents and of rank and file policemen. The apparent sabotage of this election by a group of NYC FBI agents should alert us to the probability that there are a significant number of law enforcement and civil service personnel who are extreme right wingers and not averse to acting behind the scenes to advance their agenda. It ain’t gonna be easy to live in this country from now on if one believes in justice, criminal or social, and freedom.

My advice to my friends in Western Europe is to re-arm as fast as you can: you have a bold and ruthless enemy to your east, and you will soon have a potential enemy across the Atlantic to the west. The first sign will be demands to pay for all the costs of keeping American troops on your soil, soon to be followed by a vicious trade war. I would give the same advice to my Japanese and south-east Asian friends. Of course, that is a recipe for the eventual destruction of the world. Hence, as I said above, the beginning of the end of civilization.
I’m glad I have limited time left on Earth.

In religious terms, I think the Antichrist has arrived.

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